I am not taking commissions anymore!


I am so grateful to all my customers in the last years, thank you for your trust and support, I really appreciate it!

Prices & Payment

 My prices are final, shipping costs are not included. Below you can find some guidelines, also you can check my product galleries for a more specific impression.

  • Accessories: from 30€ (+material)
  • Underbust corsets: from 500€ (+material)*
  • Overbust corsets (not cupped style): from 700€ (+material)*
  • Costumes: from 800€ (+material)
  • Bridal gowns: from 2000€ (+material)

*there is one mock up included in every corset order. If we need more than one to ensure a perfect fit, I allow myself to charge 50€ per additional mock up.



I accept cash, paypal and bank transfer. 


25% of the expected price is charged when I start workin on your garment. 

The remaining 75% are due before the delivery of the finished piece.



If you want to pay in installments, please contact me and we can discuss a payment plan.

Delivery time

 The delivery time depends very much on the dimension of the commission, but to give you a little guideline I listed some examples.

  • Accessories: 2-4 weeks
  • Simple corsets: 4-10 weeks
  • Heavy decorated corsets: 6-12 weeks
  • Costumes: 4-12 weeks
  • Bridal gowns: up to 9 month  for the whole process (please get in touch as soon as possible, I only take a few brides per year)


Please note that the delivery time starts with me beginning to work on your custom order. As soon as we discuss your wishes, I can tell you when there is the next free spot in my commission book.


I ship within Europe.

Please inquire if you want to order from outside Europe.

  • Germany: from 4,99€ - 16,49€
  • EU-Countries: 13,99€ - 44,99€
  • Switzerland: 26,90€ - 55,99€
  • Europe without EU: 29,99€ - 60,99€

Please consider that the shipping costs must be payed more than once if we have to do long distance fittings.


Cancelation & Returns

Custom orders which are made to measurement as well as any customized garments are non-refundable and can not be returned!